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5 Facts About Whitby

Why do tens of thousands of tourists visit Whitby every year and what makes this beach town famous? Here are 5 astounding facts about Whitby that may provide you with the solution you’re looking for.

Whitby is a distinctive community with a distinctive ambiance. You may quickly get a sense of the history that is embedded in the beach town by taking a simple stroll through the cobblestone streets. Here are 5 astounding facts about Whitby that you probably didn’t know.

1. Whitby and Captain Cook have a tight relationship

Facts About Whitby

Captain Cook moved to Whitby, where he studied his seaman’s apprenticeship under John and Henry Walker, after being born not far from the town. Sailing coal ships for the Walkers during his apprenticeship, Captain Cook discovered his passion for the ocean.

He went on to become one of the most celebrated explorers of all time and embarked on a number of his explorations from Whitby. Today, you can visit the Captain Cook Memorial Museum, which was previously the residence where Cook resided while he was an apprentice, and is located on Grape Lane.

2. Whitby was once a major whaling port

Few remnants of Whitby’s long whaling history may be seen there. The Whalebone Arch, which lies near to the Captain Cook Monument on the top of the West Cliff, is arguably the most noticeable memento.

Facts About Whitby

With more than 50 whaling ships operating out of Whitby Harbour between 1750 and 1840, whaling was a significant industry in Whitby. The industry made many local families wealthy, and many local men worked on the whaling ships.

3. Whitby was the inspiration for the novel Dracula

The Gothic style of several of the stores in Whitby surprises a lot of visitors. Many people are unaware of Whitby’s connections to the Dracula novel or that Bram Stoker spent time there while writing some of the well-known book. Stoker drew inspiration from places including Whitby Abbey, St. Mary’s Churchyard, and the 199 steps as well as the town’s gloomy atmosphere.

The gift stores, the Dracula Experience museum, and the twice-yearly Whitby Goth Weekend still serve as visual reminders of the Dracula-Whitby relationship.

4. fish and chips

Facts About Whitby

It’s challenging to choose a clear “best of the bunch” in Whitby because there are so many excellent fish and chip shops.

Over the past few years, numerous restaurants and takeaways in Whitby have received recognition from numerous organizations.

The fish and chips served at Mister Chips and The Magpie Cafe are renowned for their superior quality. People line up outside The Magpie from all over the UK to try their legendary fish & chips.

5. Whitby once had a thriving jewelry industry

The Whitby Jet Jewellery industry reached its zenith between 1850 and 1915. The area surrounding Whitby is home to Whitby Jet, a rare gemstone. Jet may still be seen nearby on the rocks today. Around 1400 persons in the region were employed by the industry during its height of production. Whitby Jet was very well-liked throughout the Victorian era and regarded as a statement piece of expensive jewelry.

Facts About Whitby

Because of its deep black color, Whitby Jet was most frequently used in memorial jewelry throughout the early 1900s.

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